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Why me?

It’s been four months, since Lindsey shot up Nathan’s conference room. I still remember it like it was yesterday. “If I were in your shoes I would’ve chosen Lilah” That was one of the things he’d told Nathan and the other board members. To say the least I’d been surprised when he said that.

It of course went down hill from there. They’d finally managed to push Lindsey too far. Giving him a new hand and promotion had been the last straw. So now he’s gone, left to go “find him self.” He saved my life that day. And I never got to thank him, or even say goodbye. He was the only one to ever walk away from the firm Scott free.

And now I’m stuck with his sorry excuse for a replacement Gavin Park. There are some days I sit in my plush corner office, and wonder if maybe Lindsey had the right idea in leaving. The Partners aren’t happy that he walked away. I mean after all he signed his soul away. He made a deal with the devil; it’s not something you can just walk away from.

The Partners want their “Golden boy” back. So they came to me, for some reason they think I can persuade him to come home. Last they knew Lindsey was out in the mid west. So now here I am on a dirt road in the middle of fucking nowhere, otherwise known as Oklahoma. To make matters worse, I passed the last small town a few miles ago. I’ve been driving from LA to this god forsaken place for three days straight. And the scenery hasn’t really changed all that much.

I swear a girl could die out here, there’s nothing around for miles except fucking wheat fields. And more dirt roads, that go on forever.

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